A Book and a Cup of Coffee Turns 1!

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Holy cow, I cannot believe it's been an entire year since I sat down at my laptop, FaceTimed one of my best friends Lillie, and asked her how to use Blogspot. I had made a book twitter, participated in a chat hosted by Nori, and realized I needed to make a blog of my own!

That's right, guys! It was one year ago today that A Book and a Cup of Coffee was born!

 In the past year, I have...

  • Started my blog! October 3rd, 2015
  • Traveled to Charleston, South Carolina for my first ~major~ book event, YALLFest, where I met such phenomenal authors and personal heroes of mine like Leigh Bardugo, Alexandra Bracken, Zac Brewer, and Richelle Mead
  • Got accepted into my top colleges
  • Wrote my first discussion post, before I knew what a discussion post even was.
    • Started my own discussion series, called Real Talk
  • Started my own freelancing graphic design business
  • Gratuated high school
  • Joined multiple street teams like the Scarlet Guard, Sunday Street Team, the Tsar's Guard, and the Knights of White Chapel
  • Went to ALA Annual Conference and met some lifelong friends among other bloggers
  • Re-started my bookstagram account!
  • Started college at Florida State University (GO NOLES!)
  • Grown as a person, learned how to network, improved as an artist, a writer, and (I can only hope) as a person, all thanks to the people I have met in the past year who have irreversibly changed my life for the better.
  • I found my niche in this little bookish community, and with my eyes dead set on my career in the future as I have now started college, I have my sights on the publishing industry as where I want to spend my life working. I couldn't have come to that conclusion without blogging!
A Year of Firsts

My First...
My Favorite... from the last year:

A peek at my stats:

Blog followers (blogger, email, + bloglovin' combined): 132
Twitter followers: 1.3K (before needing to start from scratch in September): now it's 320)
Instagram followers: 316
Total pageviews: 12,835
Posts: 109

I would not, could not have made it to where I am today without the amazing people I have met along the way who have offered support, advice, and friendship in the past year. Like I said for my 1K twitter giveaway, numbers are just number. It's the human connections behind them that matter the most to me. Whether YOU have followed me since the very first day, five minutes ago, or anywhere in between, THANK YOU!

I wouldn't be anywhere near the blogger I am today without...

S. Usher Evans -- Seriously, Sush, what would I do without you?! You've become such a dear friend in the last year, you've helped me slay my fears about college and my future, and I know I can always count on you. It's your time to #SLAYYourFears now! You're on the brink of something big, I can feel it!

Lillie @ Little Lillie Reads -- I love you so very much and I am SO lucky to have had you by my sied for the last two and a half years. We finished the big adventure that was high school together, and though we may be rivals on the football field, you'll always be welcome in Tallaclassy for boba and book dates!

MC @ Blame It On the Books -- One of my first blogging friends I made on twitter, and now one of my dearest friends! I cannot express what our friendship means to me. You have helped me to grow confident as a blogger and gather the courage to wear weird lipstick shades in public more frequently! I miss you tons, please come to Florida again soon!

Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles -- My tiara, chocolate, and fancy soap buddy! From the first time I met you I knew we were in for some memories. You have provided candid and immesurable advice in the year I've known you, and your frienship means the world to me!

Emily @ Emily Reads Everything -- Em! I have such love for you, lady. You're always giving me bookstagram advice and I don't deserve the outpouring of love you so willingly send my way. From the moment I joined book twitter, I've looked up to you as a blogger and as a person. You have so much love to go around, and I'm so lucky to reciprocate!

Ursula Uriarte -- Our recent friendship has helped me gain confidence as a bookstagrammer, and I can't begin to express how much I look up to you (figuratively, but also literally, because you're a good 5 inches taller than me :P). Thanks for always enduring my Stranger Things jokes and #JUSTICE4BARB tirades, for giving killer music recommendations, and for reminding me to keep my eye on the important stuff!

Nori @ Read Write Love 28 -- Obligatory blogger mom love! Nori, from the first day I joined twitter, you were right there giving me advice and offering support. Whether it was simple well wishes when I had a migraine or making me feel included in blog tours, you have supported me every step of the way. I can only hope that I have somehow returned the favor, because you have no idea how much your support has meant to me!

ALA Orlando squad -- You ladies know who you are. I love you all to death and I cherish our friendship beyond measure. Our little group of bloggers has provided a safe space to bounce ideas, share concerns, and ask for candid advice. I love how even months after the event that brought us together has ended, we can still text one another at all hours of the day or night and know that someone will always be on the other end of the line to chat. 

What's Ahead...

In the next year of blogging, I hope to grow and expand my blog to 500 followers.
I aim to get my twitter stats back up to where they used to be before I had to remake my account as well.
I aim to reach 1K bookstagram followers.
I hope to go back to YALLFest and attend ALA Midwinter conference.
I want to continue to challenge myself as an artist and open my own Society6 shop.
Most of all, I want to keep making connections with people who love this community of bookworms and continue to make lasting friendships!

To celebrate 1 year of blogging and S. Usher Evans's newest release of Spells and Sorcery on October 4th, Sush and I have partnered to give away a prize of one signed copy! Entering to win is as easy as clicking on the Rafflecopter below. Contest ends October 16 at midnight, so get your entries in soon. Good luck!

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