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As you may know, I was recently approved to read an advanced copy of Summer of Supernovas by Darcy Woods. (You can read my review here.) Having devoured the book in about 24 hours total, I immediately reached out to Darcy on Twitter to chat about her book! She graciously accepted my request to interview her, and as I was overflowing with some burning questions I sent her some to answer!

You can read Summer of Supernovas on May 10th, but in the meantime I promise these questions and answers are both non-spoilery and full of reasons why you should get your hands on this book on release day!

My questions are in black, Darcy's answers are in maroon. 

  • Astrology played such a large part in Summer of Supernovas. It's certainly gaining popularity in my generation at the moment, what with all the "Signs as…" posts and zodiac accounts. What made you want to include the theme of astrology and divination in such a way as you did?

When I was a teen, the notion of finding answers in those aloof and mystical stars was completely intoxicating. In part, because I was at that pivotal phase in life where I was questioning who I was, why I was here, and where I was going. A common conundrum for every carbon-based life form! So it reeeeally wasn’t much of a stretch to imagine a girl grappling with these same issues. I mean, we’ve all been there. And while I personally have never based an important decision on astrology (but fess up to reading my horoscope every chance I get), I found it fascinating to undertake writing the story of a girl who did.

  • I'm an Aquarius (January 28!) like Wil is, and found that a lot of my personality traits lined up with hers and those often associated with Aquarians. What's your sign, and would you say your traits line up as well?

Oh, I love that you share Wil’s sign! I’m a Gemini born on the cusp of Taurus with a moon in Libra. I tell my husband it’s like he’s married to three women. Hey, at least he’s never bored! And yes, I definitely live up to my zodiac traits. I’m quintessentially Gemini with respect to my adaptability and supreme need for socializing, while ALSO balancing my opposing desire to hermit and mushroom on my couch. My inner Taurus makes me dependable and patient. But for all my easygoing ways, I am a fierce friend who will always have your back.

  • There is a very interesting dynamic in this story, where the love triangle really is reciprocated in a true triangle shape as love – albeit different forms, be it romantic or brotherly – is shared between three people. Often we see the love triangle trope as a girl torn between feelings for two guys competing for her affections. In essence, you shattered this trope by writing these characters in the way you did. What was the driving force behind the dynamics between Seth, Grant, and Wil?

When I originally drafted the first few chapters of SUPERNOVAS, there was no love triangle. The evolution came about rather organically while I was scheming ways to make my characters more miserable. So, I presented Wil with two options that essentially embodied the crux of her own inner journey. Boy One represents the belief system she’s white-knuckled ever since her mother’s passing. While Boy Two represents taking a huge leap of faith. A leap that will potentially sever the one remaining tie she has to her deceased mother. The fact that these boys are brothers with major baggage, only adds to the volatility of the situation. But it’s true, they all love each other in different ways. So I set out to write a story that honored the complexities of love in its many forms.

  • Aside from astrology, Wil also has an affinity for vintage clothing – both are ways she keeps her mother close to her every day. Most people will see this as trivial, especially since many kids in Wil's and my generation (myself included) have a fascination for instant photography, classic rock, and vinyl records. How does Wil's love for these things play into her personality?

I often describe Wil as a practical dreamer. She finds a timeless allure in forties fashion. How people were forced to do more with less because of war rationing—the ingenuity of the era. So I think this is a reflection of her practicality coupled with her sentimentality. Wil has a tough time letting go of pieces of the past.

  • As this is your debut novel, first of all congratulations! You went through quite an eclectic assortment of careers according to your author bio, from helicopter fueler to spa tech, before becoming a full time author. Wil is at a point where she is still undecided on her future (as is normal for most 17-and-four-month-olds in their junior year) and what she wants to pursue for a career. what's one piece of advice you wish you could give younger you when you were just beginning to dream about your future/advice you would give to writers, young and old, aspiring to be published?
Thank you! I truly didn’t know I wanted to become an author until about five years ago. So my biggest piece of advice is this: Write your future in pencil, not ink. Life is SO much more gratifying when you make it a choose-your-adventure novel, instead of an operating manual for a toaster. There are always choices. There will be easy ones, hard ones, and ones you regret. But it’s the culmination of these experiences that will shape you into the amazing person you are today. So don’t ever put a cap on your dreams. If you want something at a marrow level, quitting is the only thing that can stop you from achieving it! And um...reading your horoscope every now and again probably wouldn’t hurt. ;)

HUGE thank you again to Darcy for being such a doll and taking the time to answer my questions! I absolutely loved learning about things from her perspective, and getting a little behind-the-scenes look at SoS.
How was this for my first author interview? Are there any questions you have for Darcy? Don't forget to mark your calendar for May 10!

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  1. Darcy is so sweet, and it's great to hear more about this book! I can't wait to start reading it. I loved your questions! I normally don't go for interviews but this is a great one :)

    - Eli @ The Silver Words

    1. Thank you Eli! I'm so glad you enjoyed! I hope you enjoy SoS just as much (:


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