TTT: Top Ten Bookworm Delights

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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish

This week's topic is Top Ten Bookworm Delights!
*singing* Raindrops on windows and warm cups of coffee, books that are big and pair nicely with hot tea... These are a few of my favorite things!

  1. Finding a new indie/secondhand/rare & used bookstore
    I absolutely love traveling to new cities and I try to make it my mission to discover a new independent bookstore if I can. To name a couple favorites, Key West Island Book Store in the Keys is a tried and true indie bookstore off Duval street, and Blue Bicycle Books in Charleston captured my heart at YALLFest!
  2. Settling into a new book or series and getting sucked in immediately
    There's nothing quite as magical as slipping easily into a new story and getting swept away by the magic and grandeur it entails!

  3. Going to Books-A-Million or Barnes & Noble and just being surrounded on all sides by books!
    Time to kill before my afternoon classes? I think I'll just go chill at BAM for a little bit.
  4. Exploring new genres or a series with a buddy reader
    Lillie can attest to the sheer amount of times I've pulled a "OMG OMG THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD PLEASE COME SUFFER WITH ME" on her.
  5. Twitter chats! Some of my favorites include #BBTC #QwSush #RQWN and #BHPChat just to name a couple! I think chats are such a good way to not only spread word of your blog and gain more readers, but make connections with fellow bloggers and authors that can last a lifetime! One of my good blogger friends, Brittany of Brittany's Book Rambles I met via a Truthwitch twitter chat, and next thing I know we're hanging out in person and forming a lasting friendship!
  6. Rainy days that I can spend in bed under the covers reading
    Probably a cliche, but my favorite reading/writing weather has always been a nice stormy day. It's chaotic and yet serene, and gives me a chance to clear my mind and focus on reading or blogging.
  7. Bonding with other readers over a mutual love for a book, character, series, or author
    There's no better way to break the ice, in my opinion, than "omg you like _____ too?!" because to me it's pretty indicative of bff-material.
  8. Going to book festivals and meeting or connecting with authors and having conversations about their books, characters, other books, their favorite foods.... Really, anything!
    When I went to YALLFest in 2015, my dad sparked a conversation with Richelle Mead about the plate of bacon she tweeted about having for breakfast that morning. I then proceeded to have a conversation with her over my favorite line from her books, and it was probably one of the most genuine connections I've shared with an author! I couldn't have asked for a better experience, honestly.
  9. Setting up that perfect Bookstagram shot and getting it ready to be shared!
    If you're like me, then you probably take anywhere from 10-50 photos of the same thing so that you can pick and choose the PERFECT one to post. And nothing is more satisfying than making a staged shot look casual and effortless!

    my very first ever bookstagram photo, circa December 2014!!
  10. Reading memes and tags like this one and seeing what other bookworms enjoy!Please post the links to your TTT in the comments so that I can see what your favorite things are, too! I love seeing what I have in common with other book bloggers, be it a bookish quirk like the smell of old books or just a simple satisfying feeling, like when you fall in love all over again with a series or book!
  • Spending an entire day reading or devouring a whole book in a single day
  • When people come to me for book recommendations
  • Having someone comment on a blog post of mine, telling me that reading my review motivated them to read that book
  • Making friends with fellow bloggers, readers, or authors -- did I already list this one? Whoops :P

Comment below and let me know what some of your favorite bookish things are!

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  1. I mentioned indie bookstores in my TTT, too! Each one is so unique and I love getting merchandise from each one I go to (if available). Second hand bookshops are also awesome because sometimes they are some seriously rare gems for super cheap. I forgot to mention Twitter chats, but I love them too! I try to participate in Brittany's, #BHPChat, and #RQWN but sometimes I can't make it.

    Jess @ Princessica of Books

    1. Right???? Indie bookstores and secondhand shops are absolute gold mines! I love exploring them in new cities wen I travel. It's like seeing what that region has been reading lately.

  2. I think discovering indie bookstores is like the best thing ever! Unfortunately there aren't really any in my area. I just want an indie to call home, you know. At least I have my local B&N for all my bookish needs.


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