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I was nominated for this award/tag by the lovely Claire over at BlankSlaters. Claire is a total sweetheart if you ever get the chance to talk to her on her blog or on twitter, plus her blog is pretty ace so go say hi!


  • Link the blogger who nominated you
  • List seven random facts about yourself
  • Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers
  • Notify the amazing people you nominated for the award


  1. I have a secret talent: juggling.I mean I never said I was good at it... I can really only juggle scarves or flags, no solid or heavy objects...yet.
  2. I have a severe phobia of worms, caterpillars, millipedes, centipedes, and anything in that family, really...Oddly enough, however, I love snakes. But anything worm-like gives me the heeby-jeebies and intense anxiety. It ain't pretty, folks.
  3. I'm a huge history nerd and love visiting historical sites like Civil War forts and national monuments.I've been to nearly every single fort up and down the east and west coasts of Florida, in fact, and it's mine and my dad's goal to see each and every one we can on the East Coast. I go ham in places like DC or St. Augustine, honestly.
  4. I'm really into the supernatural/paranormal and have even had some ghostly experiences of my own.I don't actively seek occurences out or try to provoke things, but I'm fascinated by the concept of it all and have been to multiple "haunted" cemeteries, forts, courthouses, and cities throughout the US. I've had multiple experiences of things like voices, footsteps, and doors closing on their own in my house, my grandparents' house, and other sites; I even took some ghost photography by complete chance while visiting Suwannee River state park here in Florida once before.
  5.  I am super good at useless trivia and will TAKE YOU DOWN in a game of Jeopardy.I once even applied to be on the show but didn't make it past the last round of online testing. I'll watch it with my parents every few nights when it's on and always try to learn as much as I can from the show.
  6. It's my lifelong goal to one day open a bookstore of my own when I retire.Kind of generic for a bookworm like myself, but it's totally something I foresee myself doing later on in life. I could never just settle down in one place and retire, living out the rest of my days doing passive activities. I want to work in doing what I love for as long as I can!
  7. I used to be a gymnast!When I was in elementary school, I took gymnastics classes and became pretty decent at tumbling and floor routines! I did it for about five years until I had to quit because of injuries, but it was a ton of fun and I'm still pretty flexible!

There you have it, seven facts I bet you didn't know about me! I nominate...

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  1. I chaperoned a trip to D.C. this year, and we had extra time at the WWII memorial. I went to the computers that they have there, and I discovered that someone had entered my great grandfather's name! I went to the window, and explained what I found, and asked how to add more information. The historian started asking me questions about what I knew about my great grandfather. I told him that all I knew was that he was in the front lines of The Battle of the Bulge, and they treated me like royalty. It was just such an amazing experience, and I loved meeting someone who was just so interested in where I came from.


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