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Authors who have stumbled upon my little blog and are interested in having me beta read, have a book that is already out or will be coming out soon, I would be more than happy to read and review! I am Hispanic/Latinx, my family is from Puerto Rico, and so I do consider myself to be an #OwnVoices reader and Diverse Book Blogger. I'm more than happy to review OwnVoices and other diverse books!

A little more about myself and my reading habits:

Favorite Genres:
- Young Adult
- Urban Fantasy
- Magical Realism
- Paranormal/Horror
- Sci-Fi
- Fantasy
- (some) Contemporary
- Please note that though my main focus is blogging about YA books, I'm open to reading just about anything and will be happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns you may have.

- I graduated in May 2016 from a performing arts high school with four years of study under the major of Creative Writing, and will be pursuing a career in publishing.
- I am majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media at the Florida State University.
- I have been blogging about books for about four years now, although I have only recently started this blog in order to review them as I read them.

Beta Reading and Reviews:
- Should you ask me to beta read your manuscript, be it a physical or digital copy, I will provide basic grammar and sentence structure editing, comments on a line-by-line basis (line read), and answer any questions or concerns you have outlying in your draft. You can either send me a complete manuscript or just a few chapters, it's your choice; however I may request more in order to get a better idea of your book as a whole.
- My reviews always have been and always will be honest. I will talk about both the positives and the negatives, what I liked and what I didn't, what I wish there was more of or what I wish there was less of, my favorite characters, least favorite, etc.
     * I rate each book I read on a five-star scale, much like Goodreads and Amazon use; as well as implementing a "Review at a Glance" graphic that breaks down the book into characters, world-building, writing, plot, my favorite character, quote, and a quick plug as to why you should read the book.
     * I draw from my experience studying Creative Writing when I talk about the character development, plot, writing style, world-building, and overall arc of the story.

- I will post my review to any or all of the following places: My blog, Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter (link to review), Instagram (link to review)
- I may request to interview you about your book and your writing process and use it as a feature on my blog or an extension of a review. If you wish, you may also suggest a guest post or other promotional blog features.
- If you have any promotional material such as swag, bookmarks, ARCs, etc. to distribute, I'm happy to collaborate with you on a giveaway.
  • If the giveaway is held on my twitter, the requirements will be to retweet and follow both you and myself until a certain date, where the giveaway winner will be chosen at random using a service called TwitDraw that randomly selects a retweet.
  • If you decide to hold the giveaway on my blog and yours, and multiple other locations, then a Rafflecopter link or HTML embedding must be provided.
  • When distributing the prizes to winners, you can choose to either send the materials to me to send to the winners, in which case the giveaway will be limited to US residents only. Should you choose to distribute the prizes yourself, please specify if you can ship internationally or regionally.
- If you have a Street Team or other venue of promotion and would like to consider me to rep you, please let me know.

If you're at all interested in me reading and reviewing your work, please contact me here.

Thank you very much!

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