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Exciting news!!! This weekend I reached 1,000 followers on Twitter! I've only been blogging/on the bookish side of Twitter since the beginning of October 2015, so this is a milestone I never expected to reach so quickly.

But... there is one thing I want to impart to you guys, now that my so-called audience has grown so large: numbers don't matter.

Sure, some may disagree when it comes to things like requesting copies from publishers or having your blog be taken seriously. But that's all they are, in the end; numbers. Each person is defined not by the amount of blog views or followers they have, but by the merit of their words and the integrity of their character as they impart their voice unto the world via this great big thing called the internet. In the end, I'm just writing on a blank white page and sticking it out there on the internet for people all over to see... or to ignore.

I want for my words to reach as many people as possible, especially when I am reviewing something or hosting an interview. But that doesn't mean I expect it to, and I'm very much okay with it if it doesn't. It can certainly be disheartening when you see a blog post you worked so hard on get only 15 views. But all that goes away when I am able to connect with at least one other person because of it. If that person leaves a comment, or if they like my Bookstagram photo, or if they send me a quick tweet... That is exactly what it all amounts to. That little spark of joy resulting from shared interests, that is why I do what I do.

I started blogging because I just wanted to talk about what I loved most, books! From that, I discovered a whole community online of like-minded people who were doing what they did for the same reason as me.

Because in the end it might feel like what it all amounts to are numbers, but the real magic lies in the ability to make that human connection through it all.

Which is why, to say thank you to all 1,017 of you (and then some) I want to host this giveaway. So that I can make another human connection and maybe spark a new interest in reading or even a new friendship in the process.

And because of that, I implore you to challenge yourself to do that too! Follow someone new to the community and give them a warm welcome. Comment on someone's bookstagram and give them a compliment. Leave a comment on someone's review, engage a conversation!

You never know what just might happen as a result.

PS: Enter to win a signed book, bookmarks, a mystery poster, CROOKED KINGDOM swag and sampler, a Starbucks mug, and lots of other little fun surprises!

  • US RESIDENTS ONLY. (I'm so sorry international friends! I hope to one day afford to send goodies your way, so stay tuned!)
  • Must be following my blog/twitter. This is a celebration of you guys! If you weren't previously following me, that's ok! The more the merrier. Just please don't follow with intentions of immediately unfollowing once the giveaway ends, or enter without following... Because that isn't very nice.
  • Giveaway begins on August 1 and will run until August 14.
  • Winners will be announced and contacted via Twitter. If the recipient does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected.
  • Spread the word! This is my first time using Rafflecopter, so bear with me a little bit. I'm using it to keep track of all entrants in a fair and honest way. So good luck, and spread the word!

Prize pack is not sponsored by anyone or affiliated with any of the publishers, authors, or companies included.
All prizes have been acquired through my own purchases, at book signings and other events I have attended, or were given to me either via trade or giveaway.

Prize will include:
  • One signed copy of NAMELESS by Jennifer Jenkins
    thank you, Jennifer (right), for signing a copy for me!
  • Two signed bookmarks
  • One mystery poster
  • CROOKED KINGDOM Sampler and temporary tattoo sheet
  • One Starbucks Coffee mug (pictured in box above)
  • One $5 Starbucks Giftcard
Thank YOU guys for making this possible! I hope you enjoy this Book and a Cup of Coffee on me!

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