Live blog: YALLFest 2015

7:27:00 PM

So I had a couple of posts I meant to draft up before making the long haul up to Charleston, South Carolina from my little town in central Florida; but because I'm me and I forget everything I don't write down, I didn't. 😁 So here I am with my (somewhat) trust mobile Blogger app instead!

If you've been keeping up with me on Twitter (@lovedmetoruins) then you'll likely know I'm going to YALLFest! It's what I haven't been able to shut up about for the last month and a half..... If anything, you've probably seen my YALLFest TBR here. This is my first time attending YALLFest, and I've scheduled my days down to the hour -- I don't want to miss a single thing!

Out of the 70+ authors in attendance, the ones I am most looking forward to are Leigh Bardugo, Richelle Mead, E. Lockhart,Victoria Aveyard, Alexandra Bracken, Zac Brewer, Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, and E.K. Johnston! Many of these authors wrote some of my most favorite books and series, and  most of them are what fueled my love for reading as I was growing up. I hope I get the good fortune to be able to meet and speak to (however briefly) most, if not all of them!

Tomorrow is YALLCrawl: The Epic March. When I got into Charleston yesterday, I immediately made my way to King Street and Blue Bicycle Books to get a feel for locations, orient myself with the layout of the street, and all together prepare myself for the craziness that is sure to ensue! I was able to snag reservations to the coveted Red Carpet Preview, so I'm eagerly awaiting tomorrow evening!

I've brought nearly 20 books with me and in preparation leading up to this week, I've designed and made buttons corresponding to my favorite books! A $3 pack of DIY buttons from Hobby Lobby, a little photoshop knowhow, and a printer they're really easy to make! I'm thinking of making a DIY post soon showing you guys how to make your own!

I'll likely be glued to Lillie's side the whole day, so if you don't already go check out her blog ( and say hi on Twitter, @shdowandbone! I would be hyperlinking her info, but seeing as I'm on mobile I can't, sadly. So please bear with me here until I get laptop access once again! 

This post has become a little scattered, so I'll post a recap tomorrow night and give a run-down of my plans for Saturday.

If you're also going to YALLFest or have any tips or insider knowhow to offer up then please leave a comment below!  I would love to meet up with you if you're going, so let me know on Twitter if you'll be there! I've got a surprise in store for you if you can find me! 😏😏

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