Announcement: Her Campus InfluenceHer Collective Contributor!

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Sooo rememer that exciting news I hinted at over Twitter last week..?

Well, I'm pleased to be able to announce now that I was selected to be a part of the Her Campus InfluenceHer Collective! What does this mean, though?

I submitted my application on a bit of a whim, not expecting such a quick and eager response. I'm proud to be a contributor to this amazing company in more way than one, as I was also selected to be a contributing writer for the Florida State University faction of Her Campus! The InfluenceHer Collective, or IHC, is essentially this great big database of bloggers and vloggers who blog about everything from fashion and beauty to lifestyle to blogs like mine that are all about books and literature with a dash of lifestyle and college discussions!

Her Campus can explain it a litter better:
"InfluenceHer Collective is a curated network of blogs and vlogs written by young women on fashion, beauty, cooking, fitness, design, lifestyle, and more. The Collective provides a community for influencers to share ideas and inspiration with one another and receive editorial and sponsorship opportunities from Her Campus and our partners, and provides brands with the chance to reach 1,900+ digital, millennial influencers and their audiences through sponsored blog content, social media campaigns, and more!"

I couldn't be more excited about what this means for my blog and what opportunities it may open for me. But what exactly does this mean for my blog?

It means you'll be seeing a lot more of me! Being a part of the Collective requires that I post something at least once a week, so I'm even more motivated to keep creating content, taking bookstagram photos, reviewing books, and writing discussion posts! Hopefully this also means my blog will be more accessible and that now more than ever I'll have an even better opportunity to interact with my readers.

It also opens doors to collaborations with other bloggers, brands, and influencers. You might even see a sponsored post here every once in a while, but I promiseright here and now to only ever collaborate with brands and companies that I whole-heartedly support and love. You'll never see sponsorship for the sake of profit, because I simply don't believe in that.

Essentially, you can expect a small amount of new tweaks and changes to my blog, but my content and my passion will remain. I love blogging about books, I love talking to and interacting with others like me who love books, and most of all I love what I do and what I'm studying. 

Huge shoutout to Her Campus for this opportunity -- if you guys aren't familiar with them, I highly suggest you visit their main site here, and if you're curious about what the articles at my campus specifically are like you can find out here!

I couldn't have done this without you guys, my readers, and I appreciate every click of the like or retweet button, and every comment you guys leave. I blog because of the people I get to meet and I love every minute of it.

Lots of love,

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